How we help

Even at the best of times, life & work can be stressful! From time to time it is useful or even necessary to talk to someone about what’s on your mind.

Having work colleagues to chat about problems can be a great help, but sometimes you may want to talk to someone who has more time to listen, and who is not connected with your work.

Time to give

Chaplains have the advantage of having time to listen. None of the chaplains receive payment for their services so they remain independent.

Chaplains are found throughout many areas of business, both industrial and retail. They are trained to be good listeners and as people of faith they understand that there is more to life than just getting up and going to work!

Who are the Chaplains?

Newbury town chaplains are a team of people from local churches who are clearly identified by blue “chaplain” gilets. They will be visiting the local shops on a regular basis for a couple of hours at least once a week.

As you see them around, do say hello!